By buddy004 | June 21, 2022 | 0 Comments

7 Sales tips which I wish I read when I was 23!

1. People often put excuses when buying because of fear

People are uncertain and need security to buy, Guarantees and viable promises will help you.

2. The way you is the way your customer thinks

If you don’t believe in your service your customer won’t.

-If you are too scared to invest your customer will never invest.

-If you cant invest they won’t.

3. Buyers are slow to decide they need time to decide and need deadlines for it

You need to apply some urgency to all of your sales.

4. To sell more you need to guide people more

Do not just tell and show…explain ad show prospects WHY something is beneficial

5. If it sounds like pitch then it is a pitch

Read the same thrice, it will make sense!

6. 80% of people will decide in their 6th and 7th contact

You need to remind people of the IMPORTANCE OF STARTING and  COST WHILE THEY ARE WAITING…

7. You are in control of every sales call

Understand this…if people got on a sales call with you because they have an interest in working with you, don’t lose them.